GM Chevrolet - Professional Grade

Step back and look at anyone out there making a difference in the world, pushing boundaries in their field, taking innovative and unexpected leaps forward in their career, and you’ll find two values at the foundation of their success: passion and precision.

“I aim to create something visual every day. It’s almost an obsession. I wake up at night thinking of ideas of what I’m going to do next,” says filmmaker Taylor Steele. Nothing meaningful can be achieved without this drive, this sincere motivation pushing you to the next level. And then there’s the execution required to reach your goals. “There’s a lot that goes into making films, from what camera you use, the lenses, the style and look you’re going for, the editing, the software — the one thing that’s consistent is you have to be precise.” With this combination of passion and precision, so much can be achieved.

Directed / Producer / Editor: Lincoln Caplice
Client: GMC
Creative Director / Producer: Scott Sporleder
Director Of Photography: Lincoln Caplice / Todd Heater
Original Score and Sound Design: Jonny Higgins